Aurelius Podcast: Episode 9 with Melissa Perri on Product Management & User Research

Episode 9 highlights:

  • Melissa’s approach to product strategy
  • Setting good strategic goals for our product and user experiences
  • The difference between shipping features and shipping GOOD features
  • How to do user research to actually drive innovation
  • Case study examples from Melissa on how she used user research to increase user acquisition
  • Using product and UX goals to tie up into larger company vision and strategy

This episode is full of great discussion and practical examples of how to apply user research and customer insights to build your product strategy. Melissa is a healthy mix between UX and product management as she has professional background in both areas. We’ve noticed a trend in the overlap of user experience design and product management happening more and more every day. That blend of perspectives made Melissa the perfect person to have on our show! We hope you enjoy it.

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Links from this episode:

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Melissa’s Product Strategy Canvas

Product Institute – Melissa Perri’s new online school for product managers

Escaping the Build Trap (Melissa’s new book)