Aurelius Podcast: Episode 23 with Lindsey Redinger on User Research and ResearchOps

Episode 23 Highlights:

  • What is ResearchOps and how do you operationalize user research?
  • Making research accessible to everyone in the organization
  • How InVision documents and stores user research insights
  • Lindsey’s trick for helping all of InVision build empathy with their customers
  • Getting new employees at InVision up to speed with who their customers are as part of their new hire onboarding
  • How to get started in your ResearchOps practice or operationalizing user research and your company
  • Keeping individual projects aligned to broader company goals
  • How Lindsey and InVision uses the Jobs To Be Done framework to keep user research focused

Read Lindsey’s latest article on how to run remote user research.

Lindsey Redinger is the Manager of User Research and Operations at InVision, the digital product design platform. Her work has been critical to informing the newest InVision studio as well as the upcoming new version of InVision app. You can find Lindsey on twitter.