Aurelius Podcast: Episode 24 with Denise Jacobs on Creativity and Banishing Your Inner Critic

Episode 24 Highlights:

  • What is creativity?
  • The concept of “flow” and its role in identifying and harnessing your creativity
  • Denise’s story of her very own zone of genius and how you can find yours
  • Dangers of burnout, how you got there, how to dig yourself out and also how to avoid it
  • Different types of motivation and what they have to do with your work
  • How making custom earrings helps Denise be a better writer and speaker
  • Using HALT to take care of yourself and foster your inner creativity

​Denise Jacobs on creativity and banishing your inner critic 

Denise Jacobs is a keynote speaker and creativity evangelist. She owns the consulting company The Creative Dose and is author of Banish Your Inner Critic. You can find Denise on twitter or at her website