Aurelius Podcast: Episode 35 with Rob Walling on Making Tough Design and Product Choices

Episode 35 highlights with Rob Walling:

  • How Rob started and/or acquired multiple SaaS apps over the years and some product and design lessons he’s learned from that experience
  • Rob’s background as a software engineer and what made him decide to become an entrepreneur
  • The story of founding Drip and how Rob and how the team made some pretty big changes in the product
  • Finding the confidence to help you figure out how, and when, to make big product decisions
  • Minimum Path to Awesome and how to successfully launch new features in your product

Rob Walling talks about user onboarding, Drip, startups and making difficult design and product decisions on the Aurelius podcast

Rob Walling is a co-founder of TinySeed, founder at Drip and Microconf.

You can find Rob at his website:

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