Aurelius Podcast: Episode 36 with Natalie Hanson on Sharing and Communicating User Research

Episode 36 highlights with Natalie Hanson on Sharing and Communicating User Research:

  • Differences between in house and external UX teams and the unique challenges of each
  • Tips for collaborating with others on your user research work
  • How to encourage non-designers and non-researchers to collaborate on user research and insights
  • Tips for working with stakeholders who believe they already know what needs to be designed
  • Effectively communicating user research insights to inspire action from executives, developers and more

Natalie Hanson discusses sharing and communicating user research and UX understanding business on the Aurelius podcast

Natalie Hanson is a UX professional and trained anthropologist. She currently leads 2 distinct UX teams, one in house and one client facing at the company ZS. She has also run Anthrodesign since 2002.

You can find Natalie on her personal website here: 

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