Sentiment for UX Research Notes + Organizing Tags

Aurelius Product & Feature Updates [Oct. 2019]

We recently launched several new features to even further supercharge your UX research analysis! You can now manually add sentiment (positive/negative) metadata to any user research note. Also, our new Tag Groups feature helps you organize user research notes, data and insights across multiple studies easily!

Note Sentiment

Add positive and negative sentiment to your notes in Aurelius to do faster, more in-depth analysis later

With our new sentiment for notes you can add a “smile” or “frown” face to any note to indicate a positive or negative emotion (or sentiment). This comes in super handy when analyzing your notes and data to create Key Insights later.

Search user research notes by tag and filter by positive or negative sentiment to speed up your analysis and sense making.
Analyze all your user research notes by tags, keywords and sentiment right in our project tags page!

The project tags page is now even more powerful in helping you analyze and make sense of your user research notes and observations by allowing you to view and filter data by tags and sentiment all at once.

Search By Keyword (while filtered by tag or sentiment)

We also launched yet another enhancement to the project tags page with keyword search. While you’ve always been able to search across multiple interviews or participants on the notes page you can now do so right on the tags page too. This is powerful in combination with filtering by tags and sentiment to find exactly what you’re looking for faster and easier than ever.

Analyzing user research data in the project tags page in Aurelius. You can filter by tag, sentiment and keywords.
Select tags, filter by sentiment and search by keyword right on the powerful tags page in Aurelius.
Watch Sentiment for UX Research Notes in Aurelius in action!

Tag Groups

Quickly view related tags, global themes or cross-study data with Tag Groups. Tag Groups let you organize tags around a product, feature, persona or theme for your company similar to a saved search. From the All Tags page you then simply visit that Tag Group and it’s all presorted for you!

Organize your tags across multiple projects in one spot with Tag Groups in Aurelius
From the All Tags page you can now create Tag Groups to help you further organize tags and research insights

Simply go to the All Tags page to create a new Tag Group. From there, give it a name and description.

Tag Group name and description
An example of a Tag Group as a global theme from user research in Aurelius.

Once you have your Tag Group created, select multiple tags to add to the group.

See patterns across multiple research  studies in one place with Tag Groups in Aurelius.
Add multiple tags from all your research projects in Aurelius to show a global theme across studies.

Save your new Tag Group and now you can quickly view every note, Key Insight, Document and Collection with any of those tags in one convenient place! Of course we have all the powerful filtering and sorting features built in to Tag Groups for you to do a quick scan and analysis across multiple studies.

Your Tag Group will now stay up to date with any new data tagged in the selected tags automatically.
Use Tag Groups to see patterns from user research across multiple studies. Tag Groups act like a saved search based on your selected tags.

Your new Tag Group will automatically stay up to date with any new notes, Key Insights, documents or Collections that have your selected tags. Come back to your Tag Group any time you want to quickly review this global theme.

Organize User Research Across Multiple Studies Easily with Tag Groups

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