Aurelius Joins TinySeed Accelerator

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Aurelius has been accepted into the exclusive TinySeed accelerator program for 2021!

Aurelius was chosen from hundreds and hundreds of other companies from all over the world that applied and we’re so humbled to be a part of it.

What is TinySeed?

TinySeed is the first accelerator designed specifically for bootstrapped companies. For clarity, bootstrapped companies are those with no outside funding whatsoever. Aurelius has been fully bootstrapped since its inception in 2015.

TinySeed is a 100% remote year long accelerator program that provides mentorship, community and funding specifically designed to fuel bootstrapped SaaS companies.

Why did Aurelius join TinySeed?

Anyone who knows us here at Aurelius have heard our opinion against the growth at all costs VC funding model for building businesses. While both Joseph and myself have worked at several prior startups with varying degrees of funding, we decided at the start that we weren’t interested in pursuing venture capital.

TinySeed is a new breed of funding and accelerator program designed to add rocket fuel to already successful startups while allowing them to keep full control of the company, product and direction. We’re pretty honored to be included with other companies like CloudForecast, Postaga, SecurityStudio and more.

This means we as the founding team keep full control over product direction and growth. We built a very successful company completely fueled by customer growth and revenue alone. We’re super proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish and also excited at the possibility of what additional mentorship and resources can do for our customers and our company.

What does this mean for Aurelius?

A lot! 

Simply put, we’ll be able to do everything we aim to do faster and easier. Aurelius has been competing with and winning over well backed VC companies for years. With the assistance of industry experts and mentors from the TinySeed program, we’ll be able to build Aurelius harder, better, faster, stronger.

How does this affect Aurelius customers?

Get ready for an awesome 2021 and beyond! 

Aurelius had its best year of growth in 2020 in the middle of an extremely conservative economic environment during a global pandemic… all while 100% bootstrapped. That was a clear signal for us that we built a valuable product and a company to last.

On top of all this, in 2021 we’ve already launched some of our coolest features yet.

Joining TinySeed means we can continue to focus on YOU, our customers, and not just profit or growth at all costs. We’ve got a lot of amazing things planned and we’re so grateful for your support and the opportunities that lie ahead!

Actual footage of Aurelius joining TinySeed…probably

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