Aurelius Updates: October 2021

A brand new design for the app and marketing site, huge improvements to transcription and more!

Aurelius design & product updates October 2021
Aurelius has a fresh new design, near human accurate transcription, picture-in-picture, play clips and more!

Aurelius Design Updates

We’ve updated our entire look at Aurelius across the board with logo updates, a brand new public website and visual design updates for the Aurelius app.

Logo Updates

In order to be more consistent with the new visual design and style updates of our new website and app styles, we made some changes to the Aurelius logo. Notably, it feels a bit “stronger” and is more visually accessible than before:

Aurelius App Visual Design Updates

More consistent use of serif fonts, updated icons and color schemes gave a breath of fresh air, and consistency, to the Aurelius app:

Marketing Site Redesign

We totally redesigned the main website! New, custom designed graphics, branding and a ton of more highlighted content and information pages really brought it to the next level. Not only does the new site even better communicate what Aurelius can do, it also helps answer many common questions with in depth guides and comparison pages with other tools:

Aurelius Product & Feature Updates

Huge Transcription Improvements

We’ve made extremely exciting improvements in our transcriptions.

Near-human accuracy for transcriptions

Our awesome transcriptions just got a whole lot better. Aurelius now has near-human accurate transcriptions for any audio or video file*

*specific to English language at the time of this post

Speaker auto-detection

When you transcribe any file with audio in Aurelius, it will not auto-detect speakers (up to 26!). From there you can quickly name and rename them across all of your notes in the project.

Play-clip inside notes

This is a super cool and handy feature to go along with transcriptions. Each note that came from a transcription in your project now shows a “play clip” button, allowing you to quickly jump to that time in the file and actually hear the notes!


Along with our new play clip feature for notes, you can now toggle open your audio/video files to play and review them as you read and

analyze notes! This works for playback on any files with audio in your project as well as when using “play clip”.

It’s faster too!

An hour long transcript in Aurelius now takes about 10-12 minutes!

@ Mentions

Anywhere you can make comments in Aurelius, simply use “@” to mention anyone on your team and they’ll get a notification + link to check it out!