AI Assist for Aurelius – Go From Data to Insights in Seconds + All New Notes Editor

AI Assist generates a summary and key themes from any interview, research session or data to create Key Insights in moments.

Automatically generate a summary paragraph and key themes from any user interview, research session, notes and data with the click of a button

AI for UX Research Analysis with AI Assist in Aurelius

Introducing our most exciting feature yet – AI Assist! Artificial Intelligence can greatly reduce the time it takes to make sense of qualitative research data, like UX Research and now you can too in Aurelius.

AI Assist generates a summary paragraph and key themes from any note group in your project. From there, quickly capture those as Key Insights right on your project – all with the click of a button.

Use AI Assist to generate themes from UX Research and capture Key Insights in Aurelius

Analyze UX Research Lightning Fast – Capture Insights in One Place

AI generated summaries and key themes in Aurelius

Save hours of combing through transcripts and notes with AI Assist. Now you can rapidly summarize any research data and get a list of key themes all in a single click.

AI Assist then lets you quickly take that summary, or key themes, to capture new insights or add them to existing insights on your project.

Brand New Notes in Aurelius

There’s a new notes editor in town! We’ve completely redesigned and rebuilt our notes editor in projects with a ton of new features and enhancements.

100% real time collaborative notes in Aurelius

Here’s what’s new:

  • 100% real time collaboration
  • Drag and drop notes in any note group
  • Highlight and tag across note block
  • Keyboard shortcuts for merging and splitting note blocks
  • Major speed and performance boost
See how AI Assist works in Aurelius

Check out AI Assist and the all new notes editor for yourself with a free trial