Aurelius Podcast: Episode 33 with Kate Towsey on ResearchOps, User Research Repositories and Strategic Impact

Posted on November 27th 2018 by Zack Naylor, CEO, Co-founder

Episode 33 highlights with Kate Towsey:

  • Kate’s background and how she got into user research and ResearchOps
  • What it was like to “research the researchers”
  • The global ResearchOps community and how it all began
  • Research repositories and libraries
  • Leading research operations at Atlassian
  • How and why the ResearchOps community grew to what it is now
  • Kate’s definition for #WhatisResearchOps?

Kate Towsey chats with us about starting the global ResearchOps community, answering the question "What is ResearchOps?", research leadership and more on the Aurelius podcast

Kate Towsey is the Research Operations Lead at Atlassian and the "main instigator" of the global ResearchOps community.

You can find Kate on the ResearchOps Slack channel, twitter and her personal website.

Kate recently spoke at UX Brighton as well as this year's DesignOps Summit.

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