Aurelius Podcast: Episode 4 with Josh Brewer on UX Design & Product Strategy

Episode 4 highlights:

  • How we know we’re building the right products and features
  • Using the “jobs to be done” framework in design and product management
  • How Twitter used UX design critiques to determine they were solving the right problems
  • Presenting design decisions to your team vs. presenting to stakeholders
  • “Having a seat at the table” and what that looks like as a UX designer
  • Helping your company value UX design at the highest executive level
  • Measuring the success of UX design and product management

What a blast! This episode with Josh Brewer was one of the most fun conversations we’ve had yet. Josh has spent time doing UX design and building new products and features in a number of companies like Twitter and Socialcast. This was a fun and casual conversation where we still covered a lot on how we can continue to move design into a more strategic role in our organizations.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

Josh’s new company – Abstract

Book mentioned in the episode – “Ego is the Enemy