Aurelius Podcast: Episode 7 with Jeff Gothelf on Product & Design Strategy

Episode 7 highlights:

  • Jeff’s definition of product strategy
  • Bringing clarity to the process of building a product strategy
  • The difference between brand and product strategy, and how they work together
  • The single biggest factor that holds most companies back from having a great product strategy
  • Building a product roadmap and strategy that actually works
  • How to empower your teams to solve problems instead of only building features
  • Who owns the product strategy? Product managers or UX Designers?

Jeff Gothelf is a speaker and author on product design, strategy, Agile and Lean UX; not to mention he’s an all around awesome guy. We caught up with him to about all of those things and more. Jeff recently released a new book, Sense and Respond,  following his extremely popular Lean UX book (now in its 2nd edition). Our episode with Jeff is awesome because we talk about how you can actively build and execute a great product strategy even if you and your team practice a lean UX or Agile UX approach. Enjoy!

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Links from this episode:

Jeff’s books:

Sense and Respond

Lean UX (2nd Edition)​

The first step of building a great product strategy is creating super-clear, well defined goals for your product and UX, we made something to help:

4 Point Product Strategy Goal Checklist (it’s free!) 

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