Aurelius Podcast: Episode 32 with Gregg Bernstein on User Research and Strategic Impact

Gregg Bernstein On User Research – Aurelius Podcast Episode 32 Highlights:

  • How Gregg and his team are doing user research at Vox Media
  • Doing user research for broad audiences and industries
  • Using smaller research projects to lead to larger more strategic research
  • How to most effectively share your user research findings with stakeholders and your team
  • Thoughts on UX research repositories and libraries
  • Tools and tips for setting up your ResearchOps and process for taking in, conducting and sharing user research at your company
  • Making user research more strategic to influence company focus and direction
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of overthinking in the user research process

Gregg Bernstein chats with us about user research, sharing insights and making UX research more strategic in your company

Gregg Bernstein is the Senior Director of User Research at Vox Media.

You can find Gregg on Twitter or at his personal website: