We Extended Our Free Trials of Aurelius

Aurelius free trials are now 30 days

We recently launched a change to our free trial model to move from 14 days to 30 days by default. This means any new customer who signs up for a free trial with Aurelius will have a full month to give Aurelius a try and share it with thier team and company.

Why Did We Do This?

We had a surge of new trials in the last several months, which is great. Through that we had the opportunity to learn a lot about how people are using Aurelius, but just as importantly, what they need out of a free trial.

In many of our messages and emails during a free trial, we offered a trial extension when and where people needed it. Lots of new customers took us up on that offer. In short, a lot of people tend to need more than 14 days to get acquainted with Aurelius.

The work we do as designers, researchers and product makers takes some time, especially when using a new tool to fit into that workflow. Aurelius is no different. What we found is that 14 days simply wasn’t enough time in most cases to get up to speed using Aurelius, getting existing research project(s) into Aurelius and then sharing it with the team to make a decision to sign up for a paid plan.

So, the simple solution for us was to extend the free trial to 30 days by default and extend it beyond that only in situations that really need it.

Try Aurelius for 30 days

So that’s it! If you’re thinking about trying Aurelius as your user research and insights repository, sign up for a 30 day free trial now.

p.s. check out our new explainer video for a quick overview of what Aurelius can do