Aurelius Product Updates (August 2021)

Keeping the momentum from all the awesome new features and updates we’ve launched already this year, we’ve got a handful of exciting new updates in Aurelius!

Check out our new Zoom integration, improvements and additions to existing integrations, cross project recommendations and more.

Here’s all the new features and updates we’ve made over the last few weeks:

Zoom Integration

Our Zoom integration is now live!

Connect your Zoom account to Aurelius and quickly import cloud recordings to your project and transcribe them into notes in moments.

Zapier & Jira Integration Improvements

We’ve made enhancements to both our Zapier and Jira integrations. Now you can automatically send every Recommendation you make in Aurelius to over 2000 other apps through our Zapier integration.

Additionally, you can send Recommendations straight to Jira through our native integration as well.

Tag Groups Improvements

You can now see Tag Group names in the autocomplete when tagging anything in Aurelius. This helps you and your team organize tags, taxonomy and use faster and easier than ever!

Organize tags with Tag Groups and see them in our autocomplete when tagging inside Aurelius

Cross Project Recommendations

Create next steps, action items, suggestions and ideas that live at a global level in Aurelius with cross project recommendations.

Create Cross Project Recommendations now in Aurelius

Improved Transcription Accuracy & Metadata

Transcriptions now auto-detect how the audio was recorded to use the best audio model for accuracy. Also, we’ve made updates on the back end how transcriptions work to even further improve accuracy and how notes/chunks of notes get created on your project.

When notes from transcripts are made we are now also showing speaker and timestamp metadata. You can also edit and update speaker names too!

Transcriptions now show timestamps and allow you to assign speaker names to notes

Cross Project Insights

Quickly search across all your projects and create new key insights with notes and data from multiple sources!

Search across all your research and quickly capture new insights with data even from multiple project

Custom Types for Insights & Recommendations

Create custom types for key insights and recommendations to organize and search data by topic, product, theme or status.

Project Folders & Sub-folders

Easily organize projects into folders

Organize research projects with folders

Project Specific Permissions

Invite new team members to specific projects as either read-only or team member permission access.

Invite people to specific projects with team member or read only access

More to come

This is just the beginning of an awesome set of new features and enhancements planned for this year. Stay up to date with Aurelius news and updates, our bi-weekly podcast episodes and more: