Introducing: Analysis Board – Quickly Synthesize UX Research Data

Analysis board combines the power of a kanban columns, digital sticky notes and Aurelius all in one!

Analysis Board for UX Research Synthesis
Quickly synthesize UX research data into themes and affinity diagrams

Flexibility of Sticky Notes + the Power of Aurelius

Aurelius has always been focused on helping UX researchers synthesize data faster and easier. Our new Analysis Board gives you the flexibility of sticky notes or a digital whiteboard tool with all the power of features built for you as a researcher in Aurelius.

View tags, drag and drop notes and data, create themes all in Analysis Board

Kanban Board + Digital Whiteboard + Aurelius = Analysis Board

Combine the power of Aurelius with tools you already use to make sense of UX research

Affinity mapping has long been a popular way to make sense of user research, interviews and customer feedback. Powerful tagging, bulk actions and sub-tags now combined with Analysis Board give you total flexibility in your sense-making process.

Go From Data ➞ Themes ➞ Key Insights

Gathering customer research and making sense of it can be a messy process! Analysis Board not only gives you the freedom to work with data how you want, it also helps you capture key findings faster and easier. As always, key insights are then searchable across projects, automatically help you build a user research repository simply by doing your work in Aurelius.

Create themes from UX research data and turn them into insights, fast!

How Analysis Board Works:

  1. Select tags to view your notes and data
  2. Switch between horizontal and vertical views
  3. Drag and drop tag columns for the view you want
  4. All the power of our tags page in each column including automatic keyword analysis and sub tags to further slice and dice your data
  5. Create themes to make custom groups of notes and data from your project
  6. Select, drag and drop those notes into themes to organize groups for affinity mapping, sense-making and more
  7. Capture key insights from themes with all the notes and data from each theme to help you build a research repository
Overview of Analysis Board in Aurelius

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