Aurelius Podcast: Episode 2 with Jared Spool

Episode 2 highlights:

  • the importance of framing the problem in UX and product strategy
  • how to tell if you’re designing and building the right features or products
  • measuring the impact and success of UX design and product strategy
  • balancing an understanding of the business strategy to make better design and product recommendations
  • Jared’s most effective way of getting your company to prioritize UX and product strategy
  • who owns the user experience?

In this episode, we had the honor of chatting with Jared Spool, founder of, writer, speaker and author of all things UX design and product. More recently, Jared co-founded a new school for industry ready UX designers at

We spoke with Jared about product strategy and the role of design in an organization.  This led us to other related topics such as how we can tell if we’re designing and building the right things for our customers and our business. The discussion then touched on how we can, and should, better understand business strategy in order to be able to more clearly communicate design and product strategy to gain the necessary buy in we need in order to “do the right things”.

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If you missed it, we recently made a free tool to help designers and product managers better make, track and communicate their product strategy decisions. The Aurelius Product Strategy Blueprint is available now, free to download.

In fact, Aurelius helps you do many of things we discussed with Jared, like framing the product problem and its goals, communicating your design and product recommendations backed by user research and showing your stakeholders how you’ll measure success and impact the business bottom line.