Aurelius Podcast: Episode 12 with Tomer Sharon on Polaris from WeWork, UX Nuggets and Key Insights and ResearchOps

Episode 12 highlights:

  • Tomer Sharon’s version of a user research repository tool at WeWork, Polaris
  • Tomer Sharon on Democratizing UX
  • What is user research
  • Research nuggets and key insights, what they are and how to create them
  • How to do user research the right way
  • What questions can user research answer
  • Difference between finding out what customer want vs what they need

Tomer Sharon discussing UX research nuggets, the user research repository tool Polaris from WeWork and ResearchOps

Learn how to make UX research “nuggets” just like Polaris from WeWork, as mentioned by Tomer in this episode

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Links from this episode:

Tomer’s book – Validating Product Ideas

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Tomer’s website: Lean Research