Aurelius Podcast: Episode 28 with Jim Kalbach on Customer Experience and Design in Business

Episode 28 highlights with Jim Kalbach:

  • What is the difference between user experience, customer experience and marketing
  • Jim’s background in UX design and how that helped him transition to his role now in customer experience and product education
  • Remembering that the “grass is never greener” and no organization is perfect in order to have a longer term impact where you work
  • What is the true secret to becoming a kick ass design leader
  • The long term effects of even the smallest UX and user research decisions
  • Experience mapping principles and tips from Jim’s book
  • Building empathy and understanding for your stakeholders and business to be a more successful designer

Jim Kalbach discussing Experience Mapping and Design in Business on the Aurelius podcast

Jim Kalbach is the Head of Customer Success at Mural and author of Mapping Experiences.

You can find Jim at his website, on Twitter or through his LinkedIn page.