Aurelius Podcast: Episode 34 with Jason Voiovich on Empathy and Quantitative Data in Marketing and UX

Episode 34 highlights with Jason Voiovich:

  • Jason’s background in marketing and consumerism as well as what led him to become an author on the topics
  • The pitfalls of focusing too much on analytics and quantitative data to understand your customers
  • Why empathy is a key to the future of our work and society
  • Jason’s research about empathy
  • The connection between empathy and burnout… and what you can do about it
  • Doing less to get better results in UX, research and marketing
  • What does it mean to be scientific versus “scientism”?

Jason Voiovich discusses empathy, the effects of quantitative data on marketing and UX and more on the Aurelius podcast

Jason Voiovich is a fractional CMO and the author of several upcoming books about empathy and humanizing marketing and technology.

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