Aurelius Podcast: Episode 8 with Audrey Crane on UX Design, Research & Napkins

Episode 8 highlights:
  • Audrey’s concept of “give me a napkin”
  • Knowing how and when to step backwards from a prescribed solution to find the problem to solve
  • Working with your team and stakeholders so you can make a meaningful contribution as a designer
  • How we can find, and solve, the right problems as designers
  • UX designers and product managers working together successfully
  • Who owns the advocacy for and voice of the customer?

Audrey was so much fun to talk with. As a partner at DesignMap, she helps teams and companies distill complex problems into simple solutions. Audrey has an uncanny ability to make a brilliant point about a complicated topic with simple, subtle language. We had a chance to discuss how to do user research and apply what you learn in a smart way to all the design and product decisions you make. We also spoke at great length about how to get your organizations on board with the value of design and research to really impact the success of their business. I hope you all enjoy the conversation with Audrey as much as we did!

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