Aurelius Podcast: Episode 4 with Josh Brewer on UX Design & Product Strategy

Post on December 29th 2016 by Zack Naylor, CEO, Co-founder

Episode 4 highlights:

  • How we know we're building the right products and features
  • Using the "jobs to be done" framework in design and product management
  • How Twitter used UX design critiques to determine they were solving the right problems
  • Presenting design decisions to your team vs. presenting to stakeholders
  • "Having a seat at the table" and what that looks like as a UX designer
  • Helping your company value UX design at the highest executive level
  • Measuring the success of UX design and product management


The FIRST Thing You Need to Do for an Awesome Product Strategy

Post on November 28th 2016 by Zack Naylor, CEO, Co-founder

Are you a UX Designer, Product Manager or Leader looking to build a great product strategy and plan? You need to start here!


Aurelius Podcast: Episode 3 with Fred Beecher on Design Strategy

Post on April 24th 2017 by Zack Naylor, CEO, Co-founder

Episode 3 highlights:

  • What is design strategy? What is product strategy?
  • Effective design strategy methods and approach
  • Where business strategy ends and design strategy begins and the difference between the two
  • Where design fits into business strategy
  • How design can help you monetize failure
  • Ways that design and product strategy can drive business strategy
  • Practical ways design can help fulfill your company mission


Product Strategy...Wyatt Earp Style

Post on November 3rd 2016 by Zack Naylor, CEO, Co-founder

​"Fast is fine, accuracy is everything. You need to learn to be slow in a hurry"
- Wyatt Earp


Free Product Strategy Template

​Aurelius Product Strategy Blueprint

The Product Strategy Blueprint is a design and product management tool to help you easily and clearly make, track and communicate design and product decisions. 

There are three elements to a great product strategy; they are:

  • ​well defined goals for the product and user experience
  • user experience research insights from real customers
  • design and/or product decisions to meet those goals, backed by your research insights

We made this tool to help you create a clear connection between your product goals, research insights and decisions you make.


Aurelius Podcast: Episode 2 with Jared Spool

Post on April 24th 2017 by Zack Naylor, CEO, Co-founder

Episode 2 highlights:

  • the importance of framing the problem in UX and product strategy
  • how to tell if you're designing and building the right features or products
  • measuring the impact and success of UX design and product strategy
  • balancing an understanding of the business strategy to make better design and product recommendations
  • Jared's most effective way of getting your company to prioritize UX and product strategy
  • who owns the user experience?


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