Aurelius Podcast: Episode 37 – DesignOps & ResearchOps in the Enterprise with Fred Beecher

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Aurelius 2020 Kickoff – Awesome New Features

It’s been a little while since we last made an announcement and feature launch update, but trust me when I say it’s because we’ve been too busy launching new stuff!

As a nice kickoff to 2020, let’s take a look at a new feature round-up of everything new in Aurelius over the last 4-6 weeks.

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How To Conduct Great User Interviews

Researching your audience is imperative to developing a successful, ‘needed’ product or service.

To create something people want and need, you first must find out what they want and need. After all, creating a product or service without that vital information is like getting into a car and saying, “Go!”

In the book Pain Killer Marketing, researchers Chris Stielhl and Henry DeVries found that one-on-one interviews can generate around 80% of all possible pain points for your target market. That’s some seriously helpful information!

Of course, you can’t just rock up to anyone in the street with a pen and paper. And you can’t just make it up as you go along. To get the right information, you must prepare the right questions.

That’s where user interviews come in!

A man conducting a user interview with another man
User Interviews are critical to building great products and features
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Sentiment for UX Research Notes + Organizing Tags

Aurelius Product & Feature Updates [Oct. 2019]

We recently launched several new features to even further supercharge your UX research analysis! You can now manually add sentiment (positive/negative) metadata to any user research note. Also, our new Tag Groups feature helps you organize user research notes, data and insights across multiple studies easily!

Note Sentiment

Add positive and negative sentiment to your notes in Aurelius to do faster, more in-depth analysis later
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The Essential Guide to User Research Notes

User research notes are the building blocks of customer insights. Without useful and effective note-taking, we can’t hope to uncover true user needs and deliver an experience that solves their problem or meets those needs.

This post is a recap of our webinar with special guest Bethany Stolle, Design Research Lead at Blackboard. Read the post below to view the slides and full recording of our session!

The Essential Guide to User Research Notes – full webinar recording
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Build a Quicker, Easier Research Practice – 8 Tip Guide + Video

8 Tips to Build a Quicker, Easier Research Practice

We teamed up with our friends over at User Interviews to bring you an knowledge packed webinar to learn how to make your user research efforts faster and easier. We covered how to store and share research insights, managing participants and more. 

Keep reading for the full video recording, slides and transcript.

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How to Create an Affinity Diagram for UX Research

People doing an affinity diagram with sticky notes

What is an Affinity Diagram?

An affinity diagram is a tool often used to organize data and ideas. Affinity diagrams help you organize information into groups of similar items to then analyze qualitative data or observations.

Business and design teams have used affinity diagrams for a long time to organize ideas, complex information and even customer feedback into themes or groups. For UX researchers, affinity diagrams are often used for analyzing and synthesizing user research findings by patterns and themes. In this case affinity diagrams are sometimes referred to as the KJ method or an affinity map. Also in other broad application like business brainstorming or idea generation it may be called a cluster map.

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User Research Tagging and Coding – Aurelius Product Updates July 2019

Tagging and coding user research notes and data just got easier with our latest updates in Aurelius!

We’ve been very busy learning from our customers on how to help them best tag, analyze and share their user research data and findings. In continuing with our product updates and sharing what we learn from customers and what we did about it, keep reading to hear all about our latest product updates.

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